Alex Wen

Hi, I’m Alex! I like to make things—whether it’s websites, film festivals, or magazines. My work revolves around creativity as a way to enact change, connect communities, and actualize a better world. I enjoy writing about films, bridging together creative communities, and thinking about ways to prioritize process over product.

Practices The things I like to do. » 001. commonfolk—Artist Pop-ups » 002. subtitle—Magazine, Southeast Asian Short Film Festival, Lost in Translation Film Society » 003. some other things—Kilo Kish, Pivot Gang, Empire Taste Print Magazine, Hoist Music Festival 2019, Asian Cinevision, The Quarant-Times, Seashorts Film Festival
Process The way I do things. » A. Web Development—Jordan Ward, Art Works Projects, Total Trash » B. Design—Lost in Translation Film Society, Anna Luy Tan » C. Photography » D. Writing—subtitle magazine, Rhythm Heaven, New Bloom Magazine


commonfolk co-founder

A creative collective rooted in collaborative practices and processes. We look to cultivate interconnectedness within creative communities, build platforms that support marginalized folks, and imagine a better, alternative future through explorations of the creative process.

Artist Pop-Ups Co-Coordinator

Every month or so, we host an intimate artist showcase of presentations, performances, and small group discussions. Five artists are invited, along with 25 guests, as we work towards building a more connected creative community.

subtitle co-founder

A publication and community focused on covering films from Asia and the Asian diaspora. Our goal is to shift the cultural conversation of Asian cinema to recenter Asian voices in Western discourse, apply film critique through a radical lens, and broaden the definition of Asian film canon as defined by the general public. In addition to our magazine, we also host a biweekly Asian film society, and recently planned a film festival!

Magazine Editor

Our online magazine features longform writing on Asian films—a new essay every other week!

Subtitle Southeast Asian Short Film Festival Co-Coordinator

We collaborated with DePaul University to bring over 23 short films from Southeast Asia for 3 days of film, food, and programming.

Lost in Translation Co-Curator

A bi-weekly Asian film society where we watch an Asian film, and follow it up with a discussion.

Some other things

Life in collaboration.

Kilo Kish Web Developer
with Empire Taste

We collaborated with musician and visual artist Kilo Kish to bring to life her interactive video project, Fulfillment, and partnered again to update her site for the launch of Mothe.

Pivot Gang Web Designer
with Empire Taste

We designed and developed the new home page for Chicago-based hip-hop collective, Pivot Gang. Then, we helped launch their web store for their debut album, You Can't Sit With Us.

Empire Taste Print Magazine Editor-in-Chief
with Empire Taste

A team of writers, designers, and photographers came together to create a collection of stories, photo sets, and art from our past and present. Features interviews with A.CHAL, Saba, and Naturel.

Hoist Music Festival 2019 Co-coordinator

We curated a one-day music festival at Subterranean featuring some of the our favorite local acts, including Rich Jones, Family Reunion, Jovan Landry, and more.

Asian Cinevision Web Team Manager

Asian CineVision is a New York-based nonprofit media arts organization devoted to the development, exhibition, promotion, and preservation of Asian and Asian American film and video.

The Quarant-times Co-curator

A bi-weekly digital zine documenting and archiving art during quarantine, featuring written pieces, photography, videos, and more.

SeaShorts Film Festival Webmaster

An annual film festival hosted in Malaysia celebrating short films from Southeast Asia.


PNGs of Interest

ordinary images worth documenting

featuring some empty space for you to stretch and relax

Personal Practice 000: A Flower Is Not A Flower (Eternal)

Imagining beyond.

Personal Practice 001: Forms/Fragments

Notes on the art around us; a media journal of sorts.

Personal Practice 002: The Seasons (Late 2020)

Monthly meditations on different topics of interest.

Personal Practice 003: The Waves (Late 2021)

A collection of media on how motion becomes movement.

Personal Practice 004: Dream Cards (2022)

An examination of our hopes and dreams, and the threads that tie us.

Personal Practices
I'm glad we found each other in this virtual world.